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American Crew Fiber Cream 100 ml

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Climate change, global warming, and UV light contribute to damaging your hair and make it hard to stay in place. But we have a solution.

With American Crew Fiber Cream you will help your hair to maintain its natural shine, flexibility, a refined texture while keeping it in place. medium hold and natural shine

Make your hair the style you want and our cream takes care of the rest.

American Crew Fiber Cream 100ml x 1

Fibrous cream with medium hold and natural shine

A styling cream that combines flexibility with control, gives your hair refined texture and a natural shine finish.

When to use: Works well with medium to long length of hair

Application: Apply liberally to damp hair or lightly to dry hair and style as desired. Let hair air dry naturally if applied to damp hair.

Benefits: Helps create the visible fibers in the product. A gentle emollient imparts a smooth feel to the hair. Provides the long-lasting hold and style control.
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