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KMS Hair Play Molding Paste for Styling and Texturizing Hair

KMS Hair Play
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Nobody likes boring hair. With so many products out there, it sometimes feels like it is impossible for anyone to have boring hair, but alas, we must face the harsh realities that not all products deliver their promise. If you worry about your hair becoming boring or losing its interesting shape/unique style, even if just for the day, try out the KMS California Hairplay Molding Paste. It uses coriander and lime to provide your hair with the natural nutrients it deserves whilst also gives any user the shape that they desire. In fact, it can make an artwork out of almost any head of hair. It also contains IOPS, a groundbreaking hair technology that works with your hair from its inside. It is easily used, with you distributing some of this paste into your hands and applying to towel-dried or fully dry hair before you finish styling it. Keep your hair lively and interesting in a world full of boring scalps that are missing that one last step.

KMS Hair Play Molding paste
Size: 150 ml

Get exceptional texture and incredible pliability with the KMS California Hairplay Molding Paste. This great paste is perfect when you want to shape, sculpt and mold your locks the way you want.

KMS California Hairplay Molding Paste contains coriander and lime to give your hair texture, flexibility and the matte finish you want. This brilliant product also contains IOPS, which works your hair from inside out.

Evenly distribute the paste in your hands
Apply to your towel-dried or dry hair for texture, separation and definition
Style as usual
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