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Juuce Full Volume

Juuce Full Volume Thicken Boost Shampoo 1lt

Juuce Full Volume Thicken Boost Shampoo 1lt

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Juuce Full Volume Shampoo 1lt

Limp, fine or lifeless hair? Don't despair! Customers worldwide give Juuce Full Volume Shampoo rave reviews because this botannical-based shampoo delivers amazing, salon-quality results!

Juuce Full Volume Shampoo, thickens hair with body-boosting carbohydrates and weightlessly conditions all types of fine hair; Shampoo also protects hair against heat, UV rays, and humidity. Sulfate and paraben-free. Long-lasting 1 liter bottle.

Apply to wet hair, lather & rinse well. You'll see - and feel - the increased volume, softness and manageability after your first application. Then you'll never want to use another shampoo again!

Body boosting carbohydrates and thickening polymers increase volume while strengthening. Weightless conditioning agents improve manageability in all types of fine hair.
Anti-heat + UV + humidity + oxidation protection.


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