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Mr Ducktail

Mr Ducktail Hairgum Matte 3 x 40grams

Mr Ducktail Hairgum Matte 3 x 40grams

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Hairgum MATT Hair Styling Pomade. Styling wax with matt effect and strong hold.

A unique wax that shapes and fixes while maintaining a natural look, Mr Ducktail Matt Wax enriched with kaolin allows normal styling wax fixation. It is ideal for short hair or hair with a little length. The scent of coconut and mint refreshes your day. The mineral wax used in Matt Mr Ducktail wax has been selected to obtain a hair pomade that allows you to style and fix your hair. The wax is combined with a blend of purified and refined waxes and oils of mineral origin: the beeswax used in Matt Mr Ducktail wax has been selected for its nourishing powers. Repairs dry and/or damaged hair. White clay (kaolin) is used for its cleansing and purifying properties. Suitable for all hair types from oily to dry hair, the white clay makes hair supple and absorbs excess sebum. Tapioca Starch was selected for its mattifying properties. It is obtained from cassava roots.

How to use: apply the wax to dry hair. Warm a small amount of styling wax in your hands, then shape hair from roots to ends. The wax is suitable for a flat or messy hairstyle with a natural result. Use a small amount so your hair doesn't feel greasy.

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