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Nak Refreshing Nak Replends Creme Leave-In Moisturizing

Nak Refreshing Nak Replends Creme Leave-In Moisturizing

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NAK is bringing you a a new leave in moisturizing conditioner.  Sulphate free paraben free, this is designed to protect all hair types, using a daily leave in process formulated to hydrate, soften, and protect your hair.  Calm the frizz, detangle and improve the condition all while providing thermal and UV protection, leaving your hair soft, shiny, and manageable.  

Apply NAK to towel dried hair and leave in or use it to refresh hair in between cleansing.  NAK is an all Australian haircare company that is passionate about creating and innovating haircare products.  Our ambitious team is inspired by our unique location and lifestyle.  Influences include a sun drenched environment surrounded by oceans, and we design our hair care to protect those in similar environments.  

Our natural Australian culture is reflected throughout our entire product collection of cleansing, care, and treatment products.  We pride ourselves in designing for all hair textures and all hair conditions.  

Benefits: condition, and moisturize, ideal for long hair, and providing UV protection.


sulphate free . paraben free . moisturise . protect designed for all hair types A daily leave-in moisturiser formulated to hydrate, soften and protect hair. Calm frizz, detangle and improve condition while providing thermal & UV protection. Hair is soft, shiny and manageable.

benefits: condition and moisturise / ideal for long hair / provide thermal, mechanical and UV protection / added body and shine / reduce split ends.


how to use: apply to towel-dried hair and leave-in or use to refresh hair in-between cleansing.

NAK is an all Australian haircare company passionate about creating innovative and versatile haircare products for the professional hairdressing industry, salons, stylists and consumers. We are a contradiction; laid back, yet ambitious. Inspired by our unique location and Australian lifestyle, influenced by our sun-drenched environment, surrounding oceans and majestic landscapes. Our Natural Australian Kulture is reflected throughout our entire product collection of beautiful cleansing, care, treatment, styling and finishing products. Designed for all hair textures and hair conditions.


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