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Nioxin 3D Styling Definition Creme 150 ml

Nioxin 3D Styling Definition Creme 150 ml

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After a refreshing shampoo and conditioning for your hair, the next thing to do is to be sure to give it some style and hold! Nioxin's 3D Styling Definition Creme is the great way to give your hair all that it needs and so much more. Just apply when the hair is damp and work it in, that's all that you have to do. Then, say bye to the frizz and hello to pizazz!

An anti-frizz smoothing cream that holds, gives definition and refines hair texture. Recommended for individuals with medium to coarse hair, looking for smooth, shiny texture.

Contains LightPlex Technology For light, flexible effects: This professional technology works both inside and outside hair. Conditioning agents travel into the hair’s cortex, retaining hair moisture for longer and protecting hair from environmental damage, while lightweight, flexible polymers wrap around the hair for a balanced style without any stiffness.

Apply 3 cm of the product into the palm and work through clean, damp hair.

Add more product as needed/desired and blow-dry for optimal results.

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