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Nioxin Intensive Treatment Hair Booster For Areas advanced Thin Looking 100 ml

Nioxin Intensive Treatment Hair Booster For Areas advanced Thin Looking 100 ml

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Sick and tired of your limp and lifeless hair? Give your mane the boost it needs with NIOXIN Hair Booster. Infused with vitamins and keratin, this multi-tasking magical product will help you achieve the luscious mane of your dreams. Strengthen every strand of your hair and promote a healthy scalp while you enjoy the warming, spa-like sensation of this hair boosting serum.

Hair booster technology at its finest.  This new product is ideal for sensitive spots such as the crown, infused with a top of the line CoZyme-10 vitamin complex this is scientifically proven to have top of the line anti-aging properties.  The Methyl Nictinate gives a nice warming sensation as it promotes blood flow to the affected area stimulating natural hair growth.  Say goodbye to hair loss self-consciousness.


Finally, the option to focus your attention where you need it. Ideal for spots like the hair or the crown, Nioxin Hair Booster is an intensive leave-on serum for areas of concern. This multi-tasking product protects each individual strand, stimulates the scalp and hair growth, and gives a warming sensation.

Nioxin Hair Booster is infused with CoZyme-10 Vitamin Complex, which is scientifically derived from anti-ageing technology. It is designed for areas where hair density is low or thinning.

Keratin boosts fragile hair, and cuticle damage is prevented. The hair is protected and boosted.

Methyl Nictinate gives a warming sensation, and promotes blood flow to affected areas to stimulate growth.

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