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Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment 150ml

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Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Deep-Conditioning Treatment 150ml


ou can even use it as an overnight conditioner to treat very dry, brittle or damaged hair, (esepcially from bleaching & colouring) and as an intensive anti-frizz treatment.

The Elasticizer was the world’s first deep conditioning pre-shampoo mask, and it is full of genuinely effective ingredients like Castor Oil and Hydrolyzed Elastin that rehydrate your hair. It is suitable for all hair types (including Afro-Caribbean, Coarse and Fine) and will give your hair added strength and elasticity to protect it from everyday threats like brushing and heat styling. Plus, it gives you that all-important feel good factor.

If you are going to invest in just one hair repair product, this would be it. But you could achieve even better results by adding a Philip Kingsley shampoo and conditioner tailored to your individual hair type. We believe it is the best way to give yourself life changing hair.

Paraben and fragrance free formulation.

And if you want to know the science behind it, here are the key ingredients…

Hydrolyzed Elastin – a protein that penetrates your hair shaft and increases its elasticity without weighing your hair down. Elasticity is what gives your hair stretch and strength, so it will break less.
Castor Oil – has the amazing hair health benefit of helping to lock in moisture.
Olive Oil – high in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids which moisturise and make your hair look shiny and healthy. Not just great for salad dressing.
Glycerin – this helps your hair to retain moisture, which makes the effects last longer.


how to use the Elasticizer:
Apply before shampooing.
Dampen your hair with water and liberally apply Elasticizer in sections to your mid-lengths and ends.
Now cover your hair with a shower cap (It is an interesting look – but trust us, it will be worth it in the end) or your best cosy towel.
The heat created helps open your hair’s cuticles, so they can properly absorb the nutrients.
Leave for a minimum of 20 minutes - enough time to enjoy a cup of tea, and maybe a chocolate or two. There is no maximum time, you can even sleep in Elasticizer if you like to multi-task as you dream.
Rinse thoroughly then shampoo and condition as normal (those with fine hair should shampoo twice).
Suitable for use on coloured hair.
Note: Do not use Elasticizer 72 hours before or after dying your hair, as it may affect how the colour takes during this period only.


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