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RPR Hair Care

RPR My Colour Vivid Mask Fuscia 200ML

RPR My Colour Vivid Mask Fuscia 200ML

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RPR My Colour Vivid Mask Fuscia 200ML x 1
Ammonia free
Self expression has never been easier with the new VIVIDMASK extreme colour.
Great for Colouring natural and coloured hair, pre lightened hair and re –
pigmentation when filling hair.
Within a deep-penetrating, restructuring and moisturizing base, high-definition colour
pigments are combined to colour and brighten the hair in just a few minutes.
VIVIDMASK is a semi permanent hair colouring system available in seven extreme
Blue Lotus, extracted from lotus flowers with high vitamin anti-age content, increases
colour duration. It reduces water absorption and speeds up hair drying.
BAOBAB oil, rich in vitamin C, anti-oxidizing, nourishing, elasticizing.
Helps reinforce keratin, gives new volume to the hair.
Vitamins A and E specific for reducing colour ageing, keeps the hair shiny and bright.
 7 intermixable tones to create limitless colours
Create pastel tones when mixed with silver, treatments or conditioners
Treats and restructures damaged hair while colouring.
PH stabiliser spray for longer lasting less fade colouring
Ammonia free semi permanent colour system.
Healthy to porous virgin or coloured hair
  1. Wash hair and remove excess water by towel drying very well.
  2. Apply the desired VIVIDMASK colour and comb through for an even distribution.
  3. Process 5 to 15 minutes
  4. Rinse very well.
  5. Condition, rinse & towel dry.
  6. Spray with VIVIDSTABILISER ph3.5
  7. Style as desired.
Pre lightened hair
  1.  Pre lighten hair to level 9/10
  2. Wash hair . Do not condition.
  3.  Dry 100%.
  4. Apply the desired VIVIDMASK colour and comb through for an even distribution.
  5. Process 15 to 20 minutes
  6. Rinse very well.
  7. Condition, rinse & towel dry.
  8. Spray with VIVIDSTABILISER ph3.5
  9. Style as desired.
  1. Wash hair and remove excess water by towel drying very well.
  2. Mix VIVIDMASK colour and apply to pre lightened area only.
  3. Process for 5 minutes. Remove excess product and towel dry hair.
  4. Apply target colour and process tomanufacturer ’ s instructions.
  5. Rinse, Shampoo, condition & rinse well.
  6. Spray with VIVIDSTABILISER ph3.5


VIVIDSTABILIZER pH 3.5 is a leave-in mist
crucial for restoring the correct level of pH to
scalp and hair, promoting a closed cuticle to
prolong colour fastness, increasing the shine
and smoothness of hair.

Disclaimer: Swimming in chlorine will greatly decrease the longevity of VIVIDMASK colour

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