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Tigi Bed Head Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner Rehab for Hair

Tigi Bed Head
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Finding a hair product that fits your needs can be challenging, especially with so many deceiving products in the market. Taking care of your hair can be a complicated task, but it doesn't have to be this way. 

The solution to your problems is here, the TIGI Bed Head Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner has a special and advanced formula that keeps your hair hydrated. Made with natural ingredients, with goji berry and papaya. With a shot of hydration, with a shot of shine, your hair will recover its magic and its natural glow. 

With perfect size, of 750 ML each, Nourish your hair with this formula that has many active ingredients that help your scalp. Soft, smooth, shiny, just what your hair deserves. Because your hair deserves the best, the TIGI Bed Head Recovery Shampoo has your back. 

Recover the beauty of your hair, make all of your friends envious. Having healthy hair is achievable with the right product. Try out now and start getting results, let your hair thank you. 

TIGI Bed Head Recovery Shampoo and Conditioner by TIGI



This nourishing shampoo will gently cleanse away dirt and impurities, whilst smoothing the hair cuticle and balancing moisture levels to leave your hair feeling soft and manageable. Enriched with goji berry and papaya, it will also fortify and thicken your hair, helping to prevent split ends, protect your locks from thermal damage and improve colour retention.



Rich and creamy, this nourishing conditioner will give your hair an intensive boost of hydration, whilst softening and detangling your locks for improved manageability. Your hair will be left looking and feeling soft, smooth and shiny.

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