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Trichovedic Brunette Treatment Conditioner 250 ml

Trichovedic Brunette Treatment Conditioner 250 ml

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Trichovedic Brunette

Brunette Enhancing Treatment Conditioner 250ml

A rich instant acting enhancing treatment conditioner for Keratin Smoothing Treatment aftercare and brunette hair. Incorporating FadeProtect+ Shine Complex, Natural Brown Henna and FD&C Brown and Red to enhance colour, add incredible shine and protect colour. Infused with KWS TriProtein Complex, macadamia, argan and jojoba oils, shea butter, aloe vera, panthenol and silcare. pH3.5-4. After shampooing with Brunette Enhancing Shampoo, distribute through the hair with wide tooth comb. Leave 1-2 minutes and rinse out. For more intense toning leave 5-10 minutes



FadeProtect+Shine Complex
A combination of the naturally occurring mineral Mica and Titanium Dioxide. Mica enhances shine, reflectivity and gloss; Titanium Dioxide has a very high refractive index providing excellent reflectivity, incredible shine and amazing UV light protection to prevent colour fade.

Natural Henna
Natural Henna (i.e. unadulterated with phenylenediamines, metal salts etc) adds brilliant reflect, colour and shine to hair in the black-brown-red spectrum and blocks UV light to prevent colour fade. When Natural Henna is applied in an acidic medium (e.g. Colour Enhancing Treatment Conditioners) it intensifies it's natural colour and is 'fixed' to the Keratin Protein that makes up our hair.

FD&C Brown and Red
Food and drug grade pigments to add and enhance brown and red reflects

KWS TriProtein Complex
A unique combination of sheep's wool derived Hydrolysed Keratin Protein, Wheat and Soy Protein. Formulated to fill, seal, thicken and strengthen damaged, porous hair fibre. Will assist in maintain the integrity and prolonging the longevity of a Keratin Smoothing Treatment

Macadamia Oil
Australian Certified Organic Macadamia Oil provides intensive moisturinsing and natural UV protection.

Argan Oil
Certified Organic Argan Oil provides lightweight nourishing and protection and incredible shine

Jojoba Oil
Closely emulates the properties of our natural sebum providing excellent moisturising, softening and protection.

Shea Butter
A natural plant butter extracted from the nut from the Karita tree, it protects and nourishes.

Aloe Vera Gel
From the fleshy leaves of the Aloe plant, the gel displays superior emollient and moisturising qualities.

Pro Vitamin B derived providing superior moisturising and lubrication.

Silcare Sillicone SEA
Superior colour protection and prevention of colour loss

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