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Vita 5 CPR Naked Refresh Conditioner 300ml

Vita 5 CPR Naked Refresh Conditioner 300ml

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Vita 5 CPR Naked Refresh Energise Conditioner 300ml 

A daily shampoo that gently removes styling products from all hair types, as there is no need to be aggressive about it. Freshens the scalp and cares for the hair so you can keep your focus on other things. Intense peppermint rush. Purifies the scalp, reduces dryness. Reduces hair breakage. Stimulates hair growth. Removes styling aids.

A daily conditioner that doesn t weigh you down. Keeps you fresh, light and ready to go. Hair is strengthened and energized, ready for anything!. Intense peppermint rush. Strengthens hair. Stimulates hair growth. Improves hair health.

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