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CPR Vitafive

Vita 5 Vitafive CPR Fortify Shampoo, Conditioner Treatment Trio

Vita 5 Vitafive CPR Fortify Shampoo, Conditioner Treatment Trio

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Vitafive CPR Fortify Shampoo 300ml, Conditioner 300ml and treatment 180ml Trio Pack 

Fortify Repair Shampoo 300ml
This gentle and effective sulphate-free shampoo purifies and prepares the hair for deeper penetration of active ingredients. Repairs and improves elasticity, strength and shine. Colour binding. Repairs overworked & distressed hair. Advanced cortex repair & reinforcement. Reverse the signs of damage. Perfect for regular use 

Directions: on wet hair, spread evenly through the roots and massage to create a creamy lather. rinse. 

Fortify Restore Conditioner 300ml
Instantly effective, lightweight, strengthening conditioner that restores hair health. Feed the hair with active proteins and essential Omega Oil that reduces hair breakage, seals split ends, leaving hair shiny and smooth. Colour binding. Restores overworked & distressed hair. Advanced strengthening & softening. Seals split ends, prevents breakage. Perfect for regular use.

Directions: After cleansing, squeeze excess water from hair, apply conditioner liberally through mid lengths and ends of hair. Leave for a few minutes. Rinse.

Fortify Renew Omega Rich Treatment 170ml
Fortifying Omega Rich Treatment is a conditioning treatment that delivers a balanced protein and hydration formula to renew hair from the cuticle to cuticle. Hair feels softer, and is easier to manage, with a beautiful shine.

Direction: to be used weekly in place of conditioner. After cleansing squeeze excess water from hair, apply a liberal amount of treatment and work through hair. leave for 3-10 minutes. rinse. 

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