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Wella SP Classic Luxeoil Reconstructive Hair Elixir for Keratin Protection

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Are you bothered by the way your hair looks? Do you look at in the mirror in the morning and ask yourself what you can do to make it look better than it does? Is it frizzy and out of control? Sadly, those are things that a lot of us deal with and the answers aren't always so easy. There's so many hair treatments to choose from, it can boggle your mind.

The answer is simple. Wella SP Luxe Oil. There is simply nothing like it. What makes Luxe oil different? This is a special reconstructive elixir that will nourish your dry and unmanageable hair and leave it soft and stylish once again. How does it do that, you ask? With the power of almond argan and jojoba oils, the unique formula gets down deep in your hair to restore the shine and gloss it has been missing for so long. You will be so proud to see the results and have hair to be proud of once again!

SP Luxe Oil Reconstructive Elixir For Keratin Protection100ml

A leave-in hair treatment for conditioning styling & finishing.
Contains almond argan & jojoba oils.
Penetrates deep into hair shaft to protect keratin.
Helps soften hair without weighing it down.
Suitable to use on both wet & dry hair.
Leaves hair smooth glossy & manageable.
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