Wella Professionals Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioners, Treatments and Styling

Learn More About Wella Professionals Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioners, Treatments and Styling

Wella Professionals Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioners, Treatments and Styling

Online Hair Depot presents to you the Wella Professionals Range of Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioners, Treatments and Styling . The WellaProfessionals Hair Care Rangeoffers you a wide variety of professional products to target a range of hair care issues leaving you with a salon quality finish with a wide range of Shampoo, Conditioners, Treatments and Styling productsThe Wella collection is aversatile collection with a variety of products covering all aspects and areas of hairdressing. The collection benefits form products such as but not limited to; - shampoos and conditioners to target a range of issues from hydration to repair stove treatment- Wella colour including bleach for cool blonde tones- Hair masks including intensive treatment to repair the strands- Curling treatments to define natural curls and many more products.Our Wella Collection truly features a product to tackle every hair dilemma effectively at an affordable price. Shop the wide range of products available at Its All About Hair Online Hair Depot Wella collection and find an option for you. Suitable for a wide range of hair types, colours and styles for a salon quality finish. 

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Wella's range covers every Hair Care Need and every Hair Car Solution you are sure to find a product that is suited to your needs

Wella SP Professional Range

Wella SP System Professional is a premium range of products

Wella SP Color Save

Wella Sp LuxeOil Range

Wella SP Hydrate

Wella SP Repair

Wella Sp Smoothen

Wella We Do Range Instead of sulfates, our shampoos include natural origin cleansing ingredients which cleanse and condition hair simultaneously. It is important to know that like other natural origin technologies, this technology foams less vs. traditional shampoos. If hair is dirty, the first shampooing does not have a lot of foam (as the surfactants are busy cleaning, not foaming).

Once hair is cleaner, more foam appears.

Vegan, Cruelty Free, Sustainable routine

Wella Professionals Premium Care Range

Wella Color Motion - For Colored or multi-processed hair Colour protection Vibrant shine Stronger hair

Wella Fusion - For Lightened hair, damaged hair withfrequent mechanical stress Intense repair, Resilient hair against breakage, Smoothness & softness

Wella Oil Reflections - For smooth and shinyhair, great for frizzy hair Smoothness & shineAnti-frizz effect

Wella Elements - For Ingredient-conscious persons Hair vitality & strengthFree-of sulfates, parabens andartificial colorants

Wella Nutricurls - For Wavy & Curly Hair Nourishment for their curls & waves

Wella Professionals Invigo Ranges

Wella Brilliance Color - colour vibrancy & protection Colour protection

Wella Blonde Recharge - Blonde refreshment

Wella Nutri Enrich - deep nourishment Nourising care for dry hair

Wella Volume Boost - lightweight volume Volume for fine or limp hair

Wella Balance - fresh & clean hair & scalp Healthy scalp & anti-dandruff

Wella Eimi Stying Range

Wella Eimi

A range of Styling products to cover your every need when it comes to styling. Whether your looking for Waxes or Hair Sprays there is a styling product for you

Wella Wellaplex

Strengthen you Hair

A weekly treatment for those nights when you want a little salon treatment at home, Wella’s Professionals WellaPlex Hair Stabilizer No. 3 helps to keep the hair, strong, smooth and soft between visits

A simple 5-10 minutes is all you need to show your locks some much-deserved TLC!

Shampoo hair as usual, towel dry and apply WellaPlex No 3 from roots to ends. Leave in for 5-10 minutes and rinse thoroughly.

Style as usual

Use once a week.

Wella Koleston Professional Use Colour

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