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Trichovedic Volumising Foam 200ml

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VolumeSpa Fine, Oily Range



Volumising Foam 200ml

Volumising Mousse 200mlA non aerosol volumising foam formulated to add volume, body and control. Incorporating KWS TriProtein Complex, lemon grass extract, basil leaf extract, flaxseed extract. Can be used on all hair types. Apply 2-5 pumps (depending on degree of control required) to towel dried hair and distribute through hair. Style as usual.

VOLUMISING. KST Compliant. Color Safe. Fine/Oily
A specifically formulated Volumising range which is both KST Compliant, Color Safe and designed to add volume and control excessive oilyness. Sulphate, Sodium Chloride and Paraben free and containing the following key ingredients:


Lemongrass Extract
Lemongrass Extract has natural astringent qualities. It helps to control overactive sebaceous glands which contribute to oily scalp/hair.

Basil Leaf Extract
Basil Leaf Extract has cleansing, antiseptic and toning attributes which are particularly beneficial for oily conditions.

Flaxseed Extract
Also known as Linseed, Flaxseed Extract is an excellent bodifier which adds volume to fine hair.

KWS TriProtein Complex
A unique combination of sheep's wool derived Hydrolysed Keratin Protein, Wheat and Soy Protein. Formulated to fill, seal, thicken and strengthen damaged, porous hair fibre. Will assist in maintain the integrity and prolonging the longevity of a Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

Silcare Sillicone SEA
Superior colour protection and prevention of colour loss



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