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Babyliss Pro Original Curling Tongs at Itz All About Hair

Babyliss Pro Original Curling Tongs at Itz All About Hair

Original Curling Tongs


38MM, 32MM, 25MM, 19MM & 16MM


Keep all your styling options in hand with BaByliss PRO Ceramic Curling tongs. Using Ceramic barrel technology to deliver cosistnent heat across the surface and eliminate hot spots, these styling tool make it easy to create tight to loose silky smooth curls.

• Ceramic barrel delivers consistent heat across the surface to eliminate hot spots
• 25 heat settings up to 190°C suitable for all hair types, ceramic smoothes the hair cuticle for a shiny, silky finish, built-in safety stand & cool tip
• Available in 16mm for the tight curls and spirals, 19mm for defined curls and spirals, 25mm for classic curls, 32mm for soft curls & waves and 38mm for loose waves & movement
• 1 Year warranty  

Available in:
BAB2262NEA 16mm Ceramic Curling Tong
BAB2263NEA 19mm Ceramic Curling Tong
BAB2264NEA 25mm Ceramic Curling Tong
BAB2265NEA 32mm Ceramic Curling Tong
BAB2266EA 38mm Ceramic Curling Tong

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