GKMBJ Hair Care

GKMBJ Hair Care

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GKMBJ Blonde Revitalising Shampoo neutralises brassy or yellow shades in blonde and grey hair whilst conditioning and nourishing the hair shaft. An essential shampoo for all blondes!

GKMBJ's Hydrating Shampoo contains active moisturising molecules to help moisturise dry, porous hair after perm and colour. The dual action formula helps reduce porosity and moisturises the hair at the same time

GKMBJ Colour Lock Shampoo cleanses gently while protecting the vibrancy and longevity of coloured hair.

GKMBJ's new soothing and moisturising formula contains Glycerol to nourish the hair, soothe nerve cells and improve blood circulation to the scalp.

Helping to solve the problem of an oily scalp by controlling and balancing oil scretion this Restoring Shampoo

GKMBJ are famous for their treatments. From a one minute intense treatment, to your professional 30 minute salon repair, GKMBJ has it all. Infused with natural ingredients like olive and jojoba, our luxurious treatment range caters to all hair types.

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