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Nak Hair Care

Nak Hair Care
Nak Hair Care Range of Shampoo, Conditioners, Treatments and Styling. The Variety of Nak products provides an enticing collection of salon quality products from an Australian brand of hair care product. 
The Nak collection brings you professional ease hair care from a brand who strives to produce high-quality, ethical products. The Nak collection offers products with vegan only ingredients with no animal cruelty. 
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Nak Hair Care Shampoo, Conditioners, Treatments and Styling

NAK Hair is an Australian made and owned haircare company, with a down to earth culture running through our veins. Dedicated to creating beautiful haircare for everyone. 
 product collections feature Natural Vegan Ingredients, Luxe Botanicals, and Pure Essential Oils which provide beautiful hair rituals that respect the delicate nature of hair and skin

NAK Nourishing

 Nourishes & protects hair from colour fade for dry, damaged or colour-treated hair.  Returns condition to colour treated, dry and damaged hair to optimise colour longevity.

NAK Hydrating

 Hydrates, smoothes & restores moisture for normal, dehydrated or colour-treated hair.  Returns optimum hydration to normal, dehydrated, frizzy and colour-treated hair. 

NAK Structure Complex 

 rescue and repair damaged and fragile hair. Protects hair from temperature extremes, infuses hydrating extracts that optimise softness, condition and manageability. Leaves hair with a silky soft feel.

NAK Blonde

 Gently tones pale yellow, gold or brassy reflects; detangles, softens & restores condition.

Platinum Blonde Range Eliminates strong yellow, gold or brassy reflects

NAK Volume

  enhance natural volume and increase ounce and shine. Efficiently removes oily residue to optimise styling fullness.

NAK Styling


NAK Care

 An affordable and caring product collection dedicated to helping breast cancer research. The Care range proudly contributes to selected charities, assisting others in the fight against breast cancer.

This range offers simple and effective cleansing, care and maintenance for the entire family, ensuring everyday protection and conditioning for all hair types.

NAK Scalp to Hair

 A nutrient rich botanical scalp collection, designed to treat the scalp with care for thicker, fuller hair. Infuses topical actives, anti-ageing botanicals, vitamins and herbs, targeting sensitised and ageing hair follicles, to assist in the prevention of thinning. Strengthening hair from root to tip, encouraging healthier hair production day by day. 

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