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How Do we best Look after Blonde Hair

How Do we best Look after Blonde Hair


Why do we have purple shampoo and Treatments?
Purple shampoo and Treatments help remove unwanted brassiness and yellow tones from blonde, grey and coloured hair. To get slightly technical for a second … purple sits opposite to yellow on the hairdressing colour wheel and hence is used to counteract or neutralise brassy and yellow tones. So, to maintain your beautiful blonde hair at home, most hairdressers will recommend investing in a professional grade purple shampoo to ensure your hair and colour is nourished, bright and maintained to the highest standard.
A purple shampoo or Treatments is a great way of maintaining your beautiful blonde hair at home and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used daily to maintain your colour and remove any unwanted brassy tones or used once a week and left on for a longer period, for more intense toning. It all comes down to your hair type, current shade, and desired outcome.
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