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Milk Shake Incredible Milk 12 effects leave in Treatment for all hair types

Milk Shake Incredible Milk 12 effects leave in Treatment for all hair types


The only hair fluid you will ever need.  milk_shake Incredible Milk is a best-selling leave-in spray mask that is suitable for all hair types and has 12 hair transforming properties. The clever multi-tasker protects from harmful UV rays, maintains colour, repairs all hair types, acts as a heat protector, detangles and maintains style. The miracle treatment adds maximum shine to locks, creates body and volume and controls frizz!
Discover the 12 effects from milk_shake incredible milk that will transform your hair:
1. Repairs all hair types
2. Protects from UV rays
3. Protects and maintains color
4. Protects from heat
5. Detangles
6. Maintains hair style
7. Gives shine
8. Adds body and volume
9. Controls frizz
10. Prevents split ends
11. Helps in straightening and styling
12. Smoothes the cuticle
The result is soft and silky hair with incredible volume. milk_shake incredible milk is suitable for all hair types: color-treated, natural, fine coarse, straight or curly.
Organic muru muru butter is extracted from the muru muru seed, and is rich in fatty acids that have a nourishing, soothing and moisturizing effect on hair and skin. It also contains vitamin A to repair, nourish and strengthen hair.
Use: Spray directly on towel-dried hair, distribute and proceed with the desired style.
Milk-Shake 12 Effects
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