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Olaplex Amiplex Cureplex take your Choice we Recommened Amiplex Shop Now at your On Line Hair Depot

Olaplex Amiplex Cureplex take your Choice we Recommened Amiplex Shop Now at your On Line Hair Depot

Over the years there has been a lot of hype around “plex’s”, but what really do they do? And why does every salon need it?

Let’s get back to the basics …

What is AMIPLEX?

AMIPLEX is a professional salon treatment that protects the hair during the colouring process and helps prevent further damage by making the hair bonds stronger, healthier and shinier.

During the colouring process it is these bonds that are often compromised, especially when bleaching the hair is involved. When AMIPLEX is used during a colouring process, hair breakage is reduced, allowing you to achieve lighter, brighter results. In addition, AMIPLEX take home care products are also available to strengthen, repair and protect hair between salon visits.


A professional salon AMIPLEX service consists of 2 simple steps with step 3 a take-home treatment.


This is added directly into the colour and bleach products to protect the hair by reconnecting the bonds and internal structure of the hair. The best thing is it doesn’t add much extra time into your colour application.


This is used after AMIPLEX CONNECT 1 to FORTIFY the bonds with amino acids, essential vitamins minerals and moisture. It is applied to the hair after the bleach or colour is washed out and left on the hair for 10mins to work its magic. After 10mins, all you need to do is rinse it off the hair well and follow with AMIPLEX REPAIR AND MOISTURE SHAMPOO and CONDITIONER.


AMIPLEX 3 is a convenient take home treatment to ensure hair is strengthened, repaired and protected between salon visits. This is a great way to generate additional retail sales too.

Is AMIPLEX only suitable for coloured hair?

Yes it is BUT it is also ideal for all hair types, even it you don’t colour your hair. As hair can be damaged from using heat styling tools such as hairdryers, straighteners and other chemical treatments such as perms, the AMIPLEX range will also assist in maintaining and improving the health of your hair in all scenarios.

How can you maintain your hair health at home?

The AMIPLEX range also offers take home packs to prescribe to your clients. It comes in 2 varieties. ENRICH and ENRICH BLONDE TONING. Each pack includes 1 SHAMPOO, 1 CONDITIONER and 1 STAGE 3 TREATMENT. Hair will be kept in optimum condition with hydration and shine.

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