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Saryna Key Hair Care

Saryna Key Hair Care

Deep in the heart of the African tropics‭, ‬it can take up to fifty years for a Shea-Karité tree to mature and produce the Shea nut‭, ‬nature’s secret for beautiful hair‭. ‬
Health and wellbeing are a top priority for consumers today‭. ‬Saryna Key Professional is proud to be an industry leader‭, ‬introducing the world to the benefits of Shea butter on the hair‭. ‬

As part of Saryna Key Professional’s commitment to environmental conservation and ethical practices‭, ‬our bottles are 100%‭ ‬recyclable and our products are cruelty free‭.‬
When a Shea nut is cracked open‭, ‬it reveals a butter which is rich in vitamins A‭, ‬E and F‭, ‬essential fatty acids‭, ‬proteins and cinnamic acid‭.‬

These natural properties provide intense moisture‭, ‬increased circulation‭, ‬and protect the hair against free radical damage‭.‬
Saryna Key Professional has four collections of Shea butter individually formulated to nourish damaged‭, ‬curly‭, ‬color treated and fine hair‭. ‬These four formulations include such natural additives as wheat‭, ‬apple‭, ‬cotton and silk proteins as‭ ‬well as amino acids‭.‬
With Saryna Key Professional all hair types will be revitalized to look their very best through the natural magic of Shea butter‭.‬

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