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Affinage Professional Hydrating Conditioner 375ml

Affinage Professional Hydrating Conditioner 375ml

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Moisture enriched conditioner that delivers essential hydration for dry hair both normal and colored.  With a unique blend of Kakadu plum and Waratah leaf as well as a UV filter this not only nourishes your hair but protects it as well. Works in only a few minutes.


Moisture enriched conditioner delivering essential hydration for normal, dry and coloured hair. Contains Waratah Leaf, Kakadu Plum and a UV filter to nourish and protect hair and scalp.

Waratah Leaf: anti-ageing properties and conditioning effects

1 x 375ml Conditioner

Shampoo: Apply to wet hair, massage and lather well. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if desired. Follow with Affinage Professional Hydrating Conditioner.

Conditioner: Apply to clean damp hair. Massage thoroughly and leave for 1-3 minutes.
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