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Affinage White Ice Miracle Leave in Balm 250ml

Affinage White Ice Miracle Leave in Balm 250ml

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This miracle balm isn't called a miracle for no reason, this balm is perfect for hair that has been chemically damaged. As soon as it is applied it gets to work repairing any damage that you have done to your hair with dyeing. You apply to your hair after washing it normally and just leave it in, it's really that simple to have nourished, shiny , and healthy hair. 

Affinage White Ice Miracle Leave in Balm 250ml 

Kera-Diamonds targets damaged hair, controls flyaways and frizz.
 Gently conditions dry or chemically treated hair. The unique Diamond Blend combined with Kera-Diamonds begins to repair hair in just one minute. 
Adds Shine, strength and nourishment for more manageable results.

Directions: After cleansing, towel dry hair. Apply a liberal amount to hair and leave. For fine hair rinse if desired. 

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