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Color Wow

Color Wow Root Cover Up Dark Brown 2.1g Colour

Color Wow Root Cover Up Dark Brown 2.1g Colour

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Do not be defined by your roots. Cover them up with Color Wow Root Cover-Up.  This formula is quick and easy to apply and will work on the darkest of grayest roots. It will instantly lighten the hair. This formula is produced just right that it will not feel sticky or oily. This formula is also water-resistant which will guarantee a longer root cover-up.



Cover up dreaded roots and regrowth quickly and easily – with no mess – for perfect results in under a minute.
Color Wow Root Cover Up for Dark Brown hair not only camouflages dreaded grey roots but even covers dark regrowth instantly in lightened/highlighted hair.  


This unique, professional powder compound adheres to hair without being sticky or oily and without dulling or looking dry.  A water-resistant formula means the results last from shampoo to shampoo, but you can swim, sweat and sleep and the powder will stay in place.  Plus, each shade contains a variety of pigments and reflective particles to ensure a natural match with many different hair colors.

• Apply to dry hair
• Breakthrough mineral powder technology
• Fast, easy, no mess
• Lasts until you wash it out
• 60 Application kit

Usage: Start with dry/styled hair.  The enclosed dual-tipped brush lets you customize your Cover Up application.  Start with a small amount of powder and apply to roots/regrowth, starting at the scalp and working out.  Add more powder if necessary and repeat until roots disappear.  Remember, powder will stick to hair, but powder won’t stick to powder, so don’t over-apply.  Then apply to temples and any other grey hair as needed

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