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Duboa 60 Medium Brush Pink 155 mm

Duboa 60 Medium Brush Pink 155 mm

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Duboa 60 Medium Brush Pink 

Size:  1 x Medium 155 mm


Duboas come in three different Sizes

Large Duboa's are approximately - 210 mm long

Medium Duboa's is approximately - 155 mm Long

Small Duboa's are approximately - 125 mm Long



With the flexible nylon bristles of the Japanese-made Duboa brushes, you can easily and comfortably keep your hair in great condition with daily brushing. Hair care professionals know these brushes for their uniquely flexible bristles that avoid breakage while keeping the natural conditioners in your hair evenly distributed. A brush to remove tangles and knots without splitting or tearing even the thickest of hair textures. The extremely flexible nylon pins - four set together - grip hair without causing damage. Brushing daily spreads sebum your hair's natural conditioner from roots to ends. Producing a healthy sheen and promoting hair growth.


They have the added bonus of coming in a great variety of hot designer colours. So if you're the type of woman who likes to change the colour of your hair every so often, you can have a collection of Duboa brushes that always complement your current look! These excellent Japanese brushes not only come in beautiful colours, they are available in a variety of sizes as well.

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