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Evo Haircare

Evo Large Hank 52mm Ceramic Vented Radial Hair Brush

Evo Large Hank 52mm Ceramic Vented Radial Hair Brush

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Evo Large Hank 52mm Ceramic Vented Radial Hair Brush

Use to produce a full-bodied blow-dry on long hair of any type, except fine delicate hair.


52mm ceramic-coated, vented, metal barrel aids drying time by absorbiung heat uniformly
High heat-resistant, ionic nylon bristles help reduce frizz by generating negative ions
Handle pik for easy sectioning
All Evo hair brushes are made from fsc certified, sustainably grown hardwood
Blast hair unitl it's 80% dry. Working with small to medium sections, place the brush at the roots and apply heat from your hair dryer at the barrel. Keep the tension as you move the brush through the hair, directing heat at the barrel as you go. 

For soft waves - working with large sections, wind the brush into the hair from ends to roots, as you apply heat from a hair dryer. Allow the hair to cool; then remove the brush.

Evo hair brushes and combs are strong, lightweight tools manufactured with an environmental conscience. The wood used to make evo tools are harvested from a forest cared for and regenerated by the fsc ( forest stewardship council). good for the planet and your hair. Delivering a classic, luminous aesthetic. 
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