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Goldwell Blondes & Highlights

Goldwell Blondes & Highlights Anti Yellow Brassiness Shampoo

Goldwell Blondes & Highlights Anti Yellow Brassiness Shampoo

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Everybody loves nice, alive, great blond hair, but sometimes it's hard to keep it with the right colour, without fading with the sunlight. To deal with that we have just the right gift for you.

With Goldwell Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights Anti-Brassiness Shampoo you will have your hair with the best colour that blonds deserve without fear that the sun will fade it. Give yourself this gift. Shine all the time!

Goldwell Blonde Shampoo

Size: 250ml




This Blondes & Highlights Anti-Brassiness Shampoo from the Goldwell Dualsenses range is created to neutralise unwanted yellow tones in blonde colour treated hair. Boasting the innovative Fade Stop Formula that actively strengthens the anchoring of colour molecules, this shampoo deeply cleanses the hair whilst restoring colour.

Formulated with Mirabelle Lipid Oil that specifically offers reparative benefits to blonde and highlighted hair, your locks will be left noticeably brighter and healthier.



  • Apply Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights Anti Brassiness Shampoo to wet hair, lather and rinse.
  • For best results follow with Dualsenses Blondes & Highlights Anti Brassiness Conditioner.

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