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Goldwell Curl & Waves

Goldwell Curls and Waves shampoo

Goldwell Curls and Waves shampoo

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Introducing the Goldwell Dualsenses Curly Twist shampoo that will take your curls to new heights! This shampoo is perfect for those with beautiful, natural curves and waves. The shampoo is enriched with Bamboo Extract which provides your hair with the moisture it needs and deserves for long-lasting shiny curls that will turn heads wherever you go! An essential step in your shower routine! 

Goldwell Curl and Waves Shampoo 

Size: 250ml  Shampoo




Give your hair bounce and elasticity with Goldwell Dualsenses Curly Twist Moisturising Shampoo. Perfect for curly and wavy hair, the curl system is enriched with Bamboo Extract combined with the Instant Microfluid Technology that cares for the hair and provides moisture for long-lasting shiny curls



  • Apply Dualsenses Curl Shampoo to your wet hair.
  • Massage into a lather.
  • Rinse thoroughly.

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