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H2D Wide Plate Hair Straightener Gloss Black Straightener

H2D Wide Plate Hair Straightener Gloss Black Straightener

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When we're in a rush in the morning trying to fix our clothes and our hair, do you find that the hair part slows you down considerably? Having a bad hair day where you just can't get it to do what you want to? You want your hair straight, but it just yields more to the side of frizzy, wavy, and curly?

Put those days long behind you with the H2D wide plate straightener. Now, just what can this product do for you? First off, the wide plates get the job done in half the time. This saves you time to do the things your really want to do! With the power of infrared and ionic technology, the hair is heated gently from the inside out. This means less frizz and less damage to your delicate hair, getting straight and professional results each and every time you use it.

Comes with a stylish case and very durable nylon power cord to ensure years of highly satisfying results. 

Extended plate size of 100mm(long) X 42mm(W) which means faster performance on all hair types. The flexible high quality floating plates are coated with ceramic and infused with tourmaline to give smoother silkier, static free hair, four times more affective than normal ceramic plates.

Features list:
• Revolutionary Far Infrared & Ionic Technology
• Super fast heat up
• Variable heat settings - 100 to 230 degrees (fahrenheit)
• Longer Plates 100mm (L) X 42mm (W)
• Digital LCD display
• 3 m Long Super Tough Cable

We have now added a deluxe case and our NEW nylon fabric power cable to give that extra durability for session styling and busy salon life.



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