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Moroccanoil Volume Root Boost 250ml

Moroccanoil Volume Root Boost 250ml

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Moroccanoil Volume Root Boost by Moroccanoil
Size: 250ml

Moroccanoil Volume Root Boost
Moroccanoil Volume Root Boost responds to the need for a product that enables one to create hairstyles that are fit for the red carpet or runway shows. It is a trendsetter that gives anyone's hair a natural lift and height without having to resort to methods that stresses out the hair such as teasing or back-combing. The Moroccanoil Volume Root Boost spray is very effective and adds volume to just about any type or texture of hair whether straight or those luscious curls.

Pamper and Style Your Hair with Moroccanoil Volume Root Boost
The Moroccanoil Volume Root Boost has been formulated with ingredients of the highest quality that are available. This includes Argan oil, also known as Moroccan oil which provides many benefits to the hair such as protection from UV damage by the sun, source of antioxidants, improvement of hydration, and decreased instances of hair falling and breakage due to increased elasticity.

As a result the hair becomes smoother and easily managed, making the styling process free from any hassle. The Moroccanoil Volume Root Boost has been further enhanced to control static electricity that might cause a bad hair day. It is a wonderful formulation that is able to strike a perfect balance between fulfilling styling needs and retaining the hair's health and lustre.

Moroccanoil Volume Root Boost Makes You Runway Ready
The spray is applied on hair that has been towel-dried. Immediately after application, you will notice the big difference with your hair having added fullness. Achieve that vibrant and voluminous look by lifting your hair in sections upwards from the scalp.

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