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Nioxin Professional

Nioxin 3D Styling Strong Hold Niospray Hairspray 400ml

Nioxin 3D Styling Strong Hold Niospray Hairspray 400ml

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Want to have the perfect hairstyle for just about any event? Then look no further than the Nioxin Hairspray. Made with polymers that wrap around each strand of hair, this hairspray will give you thicker, fuller hair than can be styled any way you want. The hair spray is also long-lasting and will keep your hair in perfect style throughout the night!

A firm finishing spray with Strong hold for longer-lasting end looks.

How to Use:

Use on dry hair. Style hair as desired and spray for long lasting hold and control.

Recommended for clients with medium to coarse hair.

ProThick Technology For thicker, fuller looks:

Pro-Thick is a professional complex of thickening polymers that wrap each strand of hair and extend to form bonds between hairs to create space. The polymer complex gives each strand of hair a thicker appearance, and the created space makes a denser style easier to achieve.

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