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Rubis Slant Tweezer Pink | Handcrafted in Switzerland

Rubis Slant Tweezer Pink | Handcrafted in Switzerland

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Swiss Precision

Acclaimed by beauty professionals worldwide, Rubis Slant Tweezers are individually hand finished from the finest surgical stainless steel and finished under magnification for impeccable precision. The slanted tips permit the ideal positioning angle to the skin, allowing for a secure grip on every hair. Manufactured in Switzerland. Rubis: think Swiss, think precision, think perfect plucking every time!


Individually handcrafted in Switzerland
Made from the finest antacid, non-magnetic surgical stainless steel
Each pair of tweezers is tested for weight, balance and best performance to guarantee Swiss top quality
Ergonomically correct form for optimum effectiveness and ease of handling
Precision plucking
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