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Saryna Key

Saryna Key Pure African Shea Oil Natural Keratin Treatment

Saryna Key Pure African Shea Oil Natural Keratin Treatment

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Hair type‭:‬  ‬Dry broken and damaged hair‭.‬

Care‭: ‬African Shea Oil is generated from Shea Nut Butter‭, ‬and is natural keratin that deeply rehabilitates the hair‭. ‬

The oil contains high concentrations of silk proteins and amino acids that change the perception of hair care and treatment‭. ‬The‭ ‬natural keratin coats the hair‭, ‬creating the perfect sensation of satisfying softness‭, ‬supreme flexibility and an abundance of‭ ‬natural luster‭. ‬The vitamins and amino acids penetrate the hair follicles and rehabilitate it from the roots to the ends‭. ‬African Shea Oil is easily absorbed and does not leave undesirable oily deposits on the hair

Result‭: ‬Your hair will be soft and shinny from the very first use‭, ‬and from as early as the first weeks your hair will once again be strong‭, ‬nurtured‭, ‬protected and full of vitality‭.‬

Directions of use‭: ‬After using Shea Nut Butter or Shea Conditioner‭, ‬squeeze the excess water out of your hair‭, ‬drip a few drops‭ ‬of Shea Oil into the palm of your hand‭, ‬and massage gently into your hair from the roots to the ends
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